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Professor Dipanjan Pan, PhD, FRSC, FAHA, FACC

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Postdoctoral Research, Washington University in St Louis, Organic/Polymer Chemistry, March 2002- February 2005 (with Professor Karen L. Wooley)

Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), KGP, India, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, March 2002; Advisor: Professor J. K. Ray, Dissertation Title: “Design, Synthesis, Bioactivity, and Molecular Association of Polycyclic Aza and Thiaarenes”


July’10 – July ’13
Assistant Professor in Medicine, Research
Cardiovascular division, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, MO

Aug ’07 – June’10:
Instructor in Medicine, Research
Cardiovascular division, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, MO

Feb ’05 – Nov ‘06:
Intellectual Property Analyst; Chemistry and biosciences
General Electric (GE) Global Research, John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC), Bangalore

Brief Bio

Prof.Pan joined University of Illinois in fall 2013. Previously, He was an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Research at the Division of Cardiology, Washington University in St. Louis. He also served as a full faculty member of Siteman Cancer Center at the Washington University. After receiving his PhD in Chemistry, he pursued a postdoctoral career in polymer science and nanotechnology at the Department of Chemistry, Washington University in St. Louis. Soon after a brief stint at the industry (General Electric biosciences/Healthcare), Dr. Pan joined the WU faculty in 2007.

Prof. Pan’s research is broadly aimed at developing clinically translatable defined nanoparticle platforms for molecular imaging, drug delivery and non viral gene delivery applications. His research is highly multidisciplinary, which brings skills from synthetic chemistry, nano-engineering, molecular biology and preclinical animal models. He is a co-inventor of several engineered nano-platforms for molecular imaging and therapeutic application. His research covers several imaging modalities including MRI, CT, Optical, PET/SPECT and Photoacoustic imaging. His work has been commercialized for preclinical application.


Mentoring activities at Washington University

  • Dr. Lina Wu (Visiting Fellow, 2011-2012; Present position: Faculty at Harbin Medical School, China)
  • Dr. Nibedita Sanyal (Postdoctoral researcher, 2009-2010; Present position: Scientific Liaison Officer, Pharmacopia, India)
  • Mr. Benjamin Kim (Undergraduate researcher 2009-2013; Present status: Graduate Student at Stanford U.)
  • Ms. Ceren Yalaz (Undergraduate researcher/Research technician 2009-2013; Present status: Graduate Student at Oxford U., UK)
  • Mr. Micah Luderer (MSTP rotation student, 2012)
  • Ms. Courtney Ondeck (MSTP rotation student, 2011)
  • Mr. Kislay Bishnupuri (Summer student researcher, 2013)
  • Mr. Andrew Oskoui (Undergraduate student researcher, 2009)

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