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MatMed Lab News: January 2014

Dr. Manas Gartia joins our lab. Manas will be dedicated some time in our lab to work on multiple projects on optical imaging and biosensors. He is jointly being supervised by Prof Pan and Prof Logan Liu.  He is playing a key role in our collaboration with the vibrant Liu Lab! Welcome Manas, we are glad to have you- let’s throw some light in the optical imaging project (pun intended!).

Divya Tankasala joins our lab. She is a junior in BIOE and a very dedicated researcher in our lab as evident from her early activities in the lab. She is teaming up with Dr. Misra and Colin Ramage to work on the next generation cardiovascular stent project. Welcome Divya, we are glad to have you!

Good News! Prof. Pan’s proposal on Liver Cancer Chemo Embolization gets funding from Campus Research Board Program. Thank you Research Board and Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for your support with this seed grant. Much appreciated.

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