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MatMed Lab News: February 2014

Shaneen wins the American Chemical Society (ACS) division of colloids (COLL) Travel Award to support her 247th ACS National Meeting attendance to be held from March 16th-20th, 2014 in Dallas, TX. Congratulations Shaneen!

Prof. Pan guest edits a special thematic issue on Contrast Agents for CT Imaging of Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging (wiley).

Prof. Pan becomes a research member of UIC Cancer Center.

Sumin and Santosh are the selected winners for their best poster in Annual Postdoc Symposium at UIUC

Good news! Illinois Strategic International Partnerships (ISIP) and INSPIRE committee has decided to seed fund our project, “Nanomedicine Approach to Ovarian Cancer by Controlled Delivery of PARP Inhibitor Prodrugs Facilitated by Cell Penetrating Peptides to initiate a collaborative relationship with Prof. Ulo Langel at the Stockholm University. Thank you ISIP and INSPIRE for your decision.

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