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MatMed Lab News: August 2014

This fall semester the MatMed lab welcomes three new graduate students Enrique Daza, Aaron Schwartz-Duval, and Youkabed Ostadhossein, as well as three new undergraduates Jasleena Sing, Zack Saldivar, and Molly Imgruet.

Prof. Pan, Dr. Santosh Misra, Michael Ye, Huei-Huei Chang, Ayako Ohoka, and Nikhil Malkani all presented at the ACS (American Chemical Society).


Huei-Huei Chang gave a talk titled: A Molecular Thera Beacon for Next Generation UV Therapy, and a poster titled: Synergistic Effect of Two Paramagnetic Metals in a Single Nanocolloid for Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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The research titled “Highly efficient anti-cancer therapy using scorpion ‘NanoVenin’” was unveiled by Dr. Pan on a press panel which lead to multiple articles and press releases including articles in CNN and TIME. Click on the following to check out the press releases:



UofI Dept’ of Bioengineering Press Release

UStream TV

AAAS radio show

Finally, Prof. Pan’s book (edited) in Nanomedicine has been released, Title: Nanomedicine: A Soft Matter Perspective. This title provides a broad introduction to the areas of nanomedicinal application with an emphasis on imaging and therapeutics. The chapters add a deeper discussion on the individual modalities for molecular imaging and their present status of clinical translation.

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