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MatMed Lab News: April 2015

As spring is now in full swing and the semester is nearing an end, we have multiple congratulations to give out! First, our very own Professor and Adviser Dr. Dipanjan Pan is now the Director for the Masters of Engineering in Bioinstrumentation program at UIUC. Additionally, Professor Pan has been named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for his professional contributions to the chemical sciences. Finally, he has joined the editorial board for the Molecular Pharmaceutics journal. Way to rack up the prestige!

Next, our lab member Ayako Ohaka has been featured on the ISUR website! The article can be found here. ISUR, the Illinois Scholars Undergraduate Research Program, highlighted her project on Next Generation Carbon Nanoparticles for Efficient Gene TherapyShe presented this work at the recent Annual ISUR Poster EXPO with an additional project on Deuto-Dox (below, left picture). Another one of our lab members, Molly Imgruet, is also an ISUR scholar who presented at the poster expo on STAT-3 inhibition (below, right picture)IMG_20150423_165959








Let’s also congratulate our graduate student Enique Daza for winning first place at the Bioengineering Days Poster Symposium! This is his second time winning in a row since his debut at the Post Doctoral Symposium poster competition earlier in the year.


In recent news we published a cover paper in Nanoscale, read more about it here.

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