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More Recent Awards! April 2016

The Pan Clan has been on a roll in regards to picking up awards left and right. Our very own grad student, Aaron Schwartz-Duval (who is home safe from the FADEx conference in Paris, read more here), was awarded the Avery Brundage Scholarship for his involvement in Underwater Hockey!

Furthermore, our undergraduate student Jasleena Singh was awarded¬†a summer undergraduate research fellowship through the Short Term Education Program (STEP) with the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology! She will be working in Dr. Linda Samuelson’s lab which focuses primarily on the role stem/progenitor cells play in gastrointestinal tissue homeostasis. At the end of the summer she will present her¬†findings at a mini-symposium.

Finally, our Professor Dipanjan Pan, has been invited to be an editor for Scientific Reports! Great things lie ahead for our lab. Stay Tuned!

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