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MATMED Lab News: Jan-March 19

  • Santosh, Ketan and Aaron’s paper titled “ In situ plasmonic generation in a functional ionic-gold-nanogel scaffold for rapid quantitative bio-sensing which was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics got highlighted on Illinois News Bureau. Here is the link for the article:


                   Researchers developed a rapid-sensing gel to measure a molecular marker of eye injury in a       teardrop. From left: Carle ophthalmologist Dr. Leanne Labriola, Illinois visiting scholar Ketan Dighe and professor Dipanjan Pan.  Photo by L. Brian Stauffer

  • Congratulations to Ph.D. student, Fatemeh, who successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on Feb 19th. Here are some of the pictures from the celebration afterward.
  • Pan lab also had an extended party at Pan Residence and special thanks to Mrs. Pan for cooking all these wonderful delicacies.


  • Ph.D. student, Indrajit will be giving 4 oral talks at the American Chemical Society National Meetings in Orlando, FL which will be held from 31st March to 4th April.



MATMED Lab News: Fall 2018

  • We would first like to congratulate Prof. Pan on becoming the Associate Head of Graduate Programs, Department of Bioengineering. Prof. Pan was also elected to be the Associate Editor for WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology (Wiley).
  • We will like to congratulate Aaron who in December successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, and is on his way to MD Anderson Cancer Center for his postdoctoral work. Good luck, Aaron.
  • Recently, some of the research works published by Pan Lab got media attention and was highlighted on the University website, but also on Science daily and Nanowerk. Michael and Santosh’s work titled as ‘Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Globular Orphan Nuclear Receptor Regulator with Biological Activity in Soft Tissue Sarcoma’ which got published in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry was highlighted on the University website.

From left: Fatemeh (Youkabed) Ostadhossein, graduate student tin bioengineering; and Dipanjan Pan, professor of bioengineering

  • Indu’s paper titled ‘Biodegradable nano carbon-based smart filters for efficient remediation of pharmaceutical contaminants’ which got accepted in Journal of Materials Chemistry A got highlighted onto the Daily Illini.
  • Youkabed’s work titled ‘Dual purpose hafnium oxide nanoparticles offer imaging Streptococcus mutans dental biofilm and fight it In vivo via a drug-free approach’ which was published in Biomaterials, got highlighted on Science daily, Nanowerk.

She was also  selected as a winner in the FASEB BioArt competition for 3D-printed heart image she     captured:



MATMED Lab News : May 2018 – July 2018

  • Our seniormost Ph.D. student, Enrique successfully defended in April and participated in the graduation ceremony in May. Congratulations, Enrique!

  • Graduate students from Pan lab (some people missing!) celebrated Enrique’s graduate at Big Grove Tavern in Downtown Champaign.

MATMED Lab News : April 2018

  • Congratulations to Prof. Pan, who was recently awarded 2018 College of Engineering Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research for work conducted by an associate professor. Below is a picture of the award ceremony which took place on 23rd April.


  • Parinaz recently won the Nadine Barrie Smith memorial fellowship. This fellowship is awarded annually to female graduate students conducting research in the general field of medical imaging (e.g., ultrasound, optical, magnetic resonance) at the Beckman Institute. Parinaz also received an honorable mention for her 2018 NSF Graduate Fellowship application. Big congratulations, Parinaz.

  • Congratulations to Fatemeh, who recently bagged AHA Pre-doctoral fellowship. Well deserved!
  • Heartiest congratulations to Enrique, who passed his defense. Well done, Dr. Daza.

  • Congratulations to our undergraduate student, Valery, who recently was accepted into University of Kentucky School of Medicine. Best wishes from everyone in your new adventure, Valery!


MATMED Lab New : November 2017- March 2018

  • Firstly, Pan lab would like to congratulate our senior graduate students, Enrique, Aaron and Fatemeh for passing their prelims!!!!
  • We would like to congratulate Parinaz for getting 2nd place at MRL Fall Biological Conference where she presented her work on stents.
  • Furthermore, Parinaz’s TEM images of “Nanoflowers” and “Nanosquid” were chosen as the runner’s up for JOEL 2017 Imaging competition. Kudos!
  • Fatemeh’s image of a 2-D aquarium comprising HfS2 nanosheets got featured in CE&N magazine. It was also highlighted on the Bioengineering department website. You can read more about 2-D aquarium here. Link. Congratulations Fatemeh!

  • Graduate students, Fatemeh and Parinaz presented their work at AIChE conference held at Illinois Institue of Technology, Chicago. Fatemeh gave an oral talk and chaired one of the session, whereas Parinaz gave 3 oral talks! (wow!)


  • Ph.D. candidate, Indrajit got awarded the Spring 2018 Graduate College Travel award for his talk at 255th American Chemical Society at New Orleans, LA.
  • Recently, Indrajit, Santosh, and Indu gave oral talks at the 255th American Chemical Society meetings held at New Orleans, LA. Indrajit was also selected to present his poster at Sci-Mix. (Scientific Mixer!)

  • Fatemeh and Parinaz will be giving oral talks at the MRS spring conference to held in Pheonix, AZ. Furthermore, their images have been selected for the final rounds of MRS Science as Art contest. Good luck!


MATMED LAB NEWS: October 2017

  • During the Biomedical Engineering Society’s Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, Professor Pan was awarded the CMBE Young Innovator award (Pictures below). Congratulations Prof. Pan!


  • Several Pan Lab members including Post-doc Muhummad and Graduate students Enrique, Fatemeh, Parinaz, Indrajit and Enrique will be presenting their research work in next month’s MRL Fall Biological Conference on 8th and 9th November.


MATMED LAB NEWS : June-September 2017

  • Firstly, MatMed lab is proud to make this announcement that Dr. Pan has become a tenured faculty at the Department of Bioengineering, UIUC and is promoted to Associate Professor starting this Fall.
  • We would like to welcome back Taylor, who re-joins our lab as a graduate student for her M.S. degree and Dr. Dinabandhu Sar, who joins the lab as a post-doctoral researcher (PhD from IIT Guwahati). Additionally, Aaron and Indrajit both got their M.S degrees over the summer. Kudos!!
  • We are also pleased to announce that both Indrajit and Parinaz have passed their qualifying examinations and are now Ph.D. candidates. Congratulations! To celebrate this occasion, MatMed lab planned a dinner outing, which you can see below:

  • Santosh and Ketan presented their poster at annual Health Care Engineering Systems Symposium (HCESC) at I-Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign-Illinois titled ” Plasmonic “Ojogel” Kit for Detecting Corneal Integrity Post Glaucoma Surgery”.


  • MatMed lab had its annual lab party at Pan residence, enjoying the beautiful weather and wonderful food. We took our customary lab groupfie, courtesy of our graduate student, Enrique.



MATMED LAB NEWS : Spring 2017

Santosh was awarded the best poster award in MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA. First year PhD student, Parinaz Fathi was awarded the National Physical Science Consortium Fellowship. Furthermore, she was also awarded the 2017 Teaching Excellence Fellowship,  by the Bioengineering department. Kudos!


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