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Ketan Dighe

Title M.Eng
Department Bioengineering

Ketan Dighe received his B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication with a minor in Biotechnology from Shiv Nadar University, India (2015). The course “Bio-Analytical Techniques” during his undergraduate studies kindled his interest to explore a career in Bioinstrumentation. It inspired him to explore different instruments to investigate the application of Semiconductor and Microsystems in fields like Life Science and was captivated by its huge research potential. During his bachelor’s degree he worked on a research project involving the fabrication of an organic semiconductor based thin film transistor and characterizing them to be later used in diverse medical applications.

In Fall 2015, he joined the Master of Engineering in Bioinstrumentation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The program provided him with a strong foundation in fundamentals and offering greater technical depth along with the tools needed to successfully develop products in multidisciplinary teams. Overall the coursework provided him with an unique experience and opportunities to become an effective engineering manager in the medical instrumentation field.

After receiving his master’s degree in Bioinstrumentation, he joined Prof. Pan’s multidisciplinary team as a Visiting Scholar in Department of Bioengineering. His current area of work includes developing sensing devices for point of care and clinical applications, point-of-care diagnostics, fabrication and characterization of biosensors.

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