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Parinaz Fathi

Department Bioengineering

Parinaz completed her B.S. in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. As an undergrad, Parinaz was in the Gemstone Honors Program, a four-year interdisciplinary team-based research program.  As a member of Gemstone team CLOT, Parinaz researched the use of alginate-chitosan hydrogel beads to induce blood coagulation. Her other research experiences have included studying the effects of radial pressure on shear deformation in bovine aortas, characterization of the adhesive strength of polymer nanofiber mats, analyzing the effects of geometry on bioprosthetic heart valve performance, and experimenting with techniques to provide an understanding of guidewire polymer coating delamination. Parinaz will be researching nanoparticle drug delivery systems and biodegradable personalized stents. In her free time, Parinaz enjoys photography, reading, and volunteering.

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