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MatMed Lab News: May 2016

The Month of May has already had a wealth of great news from the Pan Lab! First off, Many members of our lab attended the CNST conference and presented great projects. Out of eight possible awards, our lab received two! Congratulations to Aaron Schwartz-Duval for winning the third place prize, and congratulations to Gururaj Vulugundam for receiving an Honorable Mention. Keep up the great press! Pictures below.

Additionally, Congratulations to our graduate student, Enrique Daza, for being accepted to the ASCB-KGI “Managing Science in the Biotech Industry” course this summer in Claremont California! He’ll be in an intensive Two-week course, mid-summer, learning about applying scientific skills to industrial applications!

IMG_20160505_102839 IMG_20160505_102958

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