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Hamideh Rezvani


Hamideh is a visiting scholar in Prof Pan’s group. Inspired by nature which doesn’t know about the division of fields, she has worked, and published papers in different areas. Starting with Physics as her undergraduate major, which continued to Material Science and Engineering (Industrial Metallurgy), Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterial), and Physical Chemistry, she studied and got degrees with honors in different fields from prestigious universities which benefited her with broad experience and knowledge on both chemistry and biology.  She enjoys discovering fundamental aspects of material science to design new materials for dealing with existing challenges of modern life. She found her passion in the area of Reticular Chemistry (Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), and Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs)) where self-assembly brings a high degree of precision not accessible to the other materials – for different applications such as protein delivery using MOFs, biomineralization, and membrane for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration. Exploring the crystallization of polymers including COFs to understand the governing mechanisms of their nucleation and subsequent growths of crystallites is a subject which she is continuously doing experiments, and observing the related phenomena. Currently, in Prof Pan’s Lab, she is working on MOF reinforced drug loaded 3D printed stents for being used in carotid artery stenting. Exciting features such as shape memory effects and imaging feasibilities are among the possibilities which these composites have; promising other new applications. She loves cooking, soccer, traveling, drawing, and reading poems. 

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