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MATMED LAB NEWS : Spring 2017

Matmed lab had a very productive and rewarding spring semester in term of new publications. Our Research scientist, Santosh published his work on 3-D Printed Multidrug-Eluting Stent from Graphene-Nanoplatelet-Doped Biodegradable Polymer Composite in Advanced Healthcare Materials. He also published his works on Genomic DNA Interactions Mechanize Peptidotoxin-Mediated Anticancer Nanotherapy & @-Amino Acid Rich Photo-phytonic Nanoparticles of Algal Origin Serendipitously Reveals Anti-Migratory Properties Against Cancer in Molecular Pharmaceutics and ACS Applied respectively.

Post-doctoral researcher, Muhammad published his work titled, Paper-Based Analytical Biosensor Chip Designed from Graphene-Nanoplatelet-Amphiphilic-diblock-co-Polymer Composite for Cortisol Detection in Human Saliva in Analytical Chemistry. He also published his work titled, Real-Time Monitoring of Post-Surgical and Post-Traumatic Eye Injuries using Multilayered Electrical Biosensor Chip in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

PhD Candidate, Fatemeh Ostadhossein published her work on Nanosalina: A Tale of Saline-Loving Algae From The Lake’s Agony to Cancer Therapy in ACS Applied. PhD Candidate, Enrique Daza published his work on Multi-Shell Nano-Carbo Scavenger For Petroleum Spill Remediation in Nature Scientific Reports.

M.S Student, Indrajit Srivastava published his work titled Surface Chemistry of Carbon Nanoparticles Functionally Select Their Uptake in Various Stages of Cancer Cells in NanoResearch. This work will be the Cover Art for the October 2017 Issue. Santosh and Indrajit’s paper on Macromolecularly “Caged” Carbon Nanoparticles for Intracellular Trafficking via Switchable Photoluminescence was published in JACS. This work was also highlighted in Engineering at Illinois, Phys.Org and Science Magazine. undergraduate student, Taylor Kampert published her first author work titled on Phenotypically Screened Carbon Nanoparticles for Enhanced Combinatorial Therapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. Great job Taylor!!

Fatemeh Ostadhossein was awarded Nadine Barrie Smith Graduate Fellowship and Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship. She has also been selected to attend NIH Clinical Center’s Clinical and Translational Research Course for PhD studentsCongratulations!

Santosh was awarded the best poster award in MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA. First year PhD student, Parinaz Fathi was awarded the National Physical Science Consortium Fellowship. Furthermore, she was also awarded the 2017 Teaching Excellence Fellowship,  by the Bioengineering department. Kudos!

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Professor Dipanjan Pan was awarded the 2016 Nano-Micro Letter (NML) Researcher Award. He was also elected as the Fellow of American College of Cardiology. Congratulations Prof. Pan.


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