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MATMED LAB NEWS: October 2017

During the Biomedical Engineering Society’s Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, Professor Pan was awarded the CMBE Young Innovator award (Pictures below). Congratulations Prof. Pan!


Several Pan Lab members including Post-doc Muhummad and Graduate students Enrique, Fatemeh, Parinaz, and Indrajit will be presenting their research work in next month’s MRL Fall Biological Conference on 8th and 9th November.


MATMED LAB NEWS : June-September 2017

Firstly, MatMed lab is proud to make this announcement that Dr. Pan has become a tenured faculty at the Department of Bioengineering, UIUC and is promoted to Associate Professor starting this Fall.

We would like to welcome back Taylor, who re-joins our lab as a graduate student for her M.S. degree and Dr. Dinabandhu Sar, who joins the lab as a post-doctoral researcher (PhD from IIT Guwahati). Additionally, Aaron and Indrajit both got their M.S degrees over the summer. Kudos!!

We are also pleased to announce that both Indrajit and Parinaz have passed their qualifying examinations and are now PhD candidates. Congratulations! To celebrate this occasion, MatMed lab planned a dinner outing, which you can see below:

Santosh and Ketan presented their poster at annual Health Care Engineering Systems Symposium (HCESC) at I-Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign-Illinois titled ” Plasmonic “Ojogel” Kit for Detecting Corneal Integrity Post Glaucoma Surgery”.


MatMed lab had its annual lab party at Pan residence, enjoying the beautiful weather and wonderful food. We took our customary lab groupfie, courtesy of our graduate student, Enrique.



MATMED LAB NEWS : Spring 2017

Matmed lab had a very productive and rewarding spring semester in term of new publications. Our Research scientist, Santosh published his work on 3-D Printed Multidrug-Eluting Stent from Graphene-Nanoplatelet-Doped Biodegradable Polymer Composite in Advanced Healthcare Materials. He also published his works on Genomic DNA Interactions Mechanize Peptidotoxin-Mediated Anticancer Nanotherapy & @-Amino Acid Rich Photo-phytonic Nanoparticles of Algal Origin Serendipitously Reveals Anti-Migratory Properties Against Cancer in Molecular Pharmaceutics and ACS Applied respectively.

Post-doctoral researcher, Muhammad published his work titled, Paper-Based Analytical Biosensor Chip Designed from Graphene-Nanoplatelet-Amphiphilic-diblock-co-Polymer Composite for Cortisol Detection in Human Saliva in Analytical Chemistry. He also published his work titled, Real-Time Monitoring of Post-Surgical and Post-Traumatic Eye Injuries using Multilayered Electrical Biosensor Chip in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

PhD Candidate, Fatemeh Ostadhossein published her work on Nanosalina: A Tale of Saline-Loving Algae From The Lake’s Agony to Cancer Therapy in ACS Applied. PhD Candidate, Enrique Daza published his work on Multi-Shell Nano-Carbo Scavenger For Petroleum Spill Remediation in Nature Scientific Reports.

M.S Student, Indrajit Srivastava published his work titled Surface Chemistry of Carbon Nanoparticles Functionally Select Their Uptake in Various Stages of Cancer Cells in NanoResearch. This work will be the Cover Art for the October 2017 Issue. Santosh and Indrajit’s paper on Macromolecularly “Caged” Carbon Nanoparticles for Intracellular Trafficking via Switchable Photoluminescence was published in JACS. This work was also highlighted in Engineering at Illinois, Phys.Org and Science Magazine. undergraduate student, Taylor Kampert published her first author work titled on Phenotypically Screened Carbon Nanoparticles for Enhanced Combinatorial Therapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. Great job Taylor!!

Fatemeh Ostadhossein was awarded Nadine Barrie Smith Graduate Fellowship and Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship. She has also been selected to attend NIH Clinical Center’s Clinical and Translational Research Course for PhD studentsCongratulations!

Santosh was awarded the best poster award in MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA. First year PhD student, Parinaz Fathi was awarded the National Physical Science Consortium Fellowship. Furthermore, she was also awarded the 2017 Teaching Excellence Fellowship,  by the Bioengineering department. Kudos!

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Professor Dipanjan Pan was awarded the 2016 Nano-Micro Letter (NML) Researcher Award. He was also elected as the Fellow of American College of Cardiology. Congratulations Prof. Pan.


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MATMED LAB NEWS: November 2016

This month has been quite eventful with Professor Pan and Dr. Santosh Misra being featured on the departments website. Professor Pan was also elected to be a fellow of the American Heart Association this month. MATMED Lab presented at multiple conferences this month. The first being the MRL conference. Graduate students Youkabed Ostadhossein and Aaron Schwartz-Duval presented their work to receive first and second place in poster judging. Additionally Dr. Santosh Misra and Dr. Muhammad Khan presented at the MRL conference.


The lab also presented at the Midwest BMES conference with everyone presenting a project. In other news, we would like to congratulate Youkabed Ostadhossein for receiving  the Foundation of Women Wellness Fellowship 2016.

MATMED LAB NEWS: September – October 2016

The MatMed team has been evolving into an incredible industry-disruptive leader in academic research with its new team members, recent impactful publications, and vast amounts of awards! First off we would like to welcome our new members to the MatMed Pan Clan; Kevin (Zhen) Wang, Parinaz Fathi, Rushi Patel, and Lucy Zhaolu Huang. Their incredible expertise will jumpstart new areas of research that will continue to make our team an interdisciplinary giant on the University of Illinois Campus. Check out their profiles to get to know them better.

We would like to send a friendly ‘Congratulations’ to our Senior Graduate student, Aaron Schwartz-Duval for being elected president of the Bioengineering Advisory Council (BEACON). This council is dedicated to improving internal dynamics of graduate culture operations. Here in the MatMed Lab, we pride ourselves not only on our vast technical skill sets but also our leadership ability. Congratulations Aaron!

Our team of researchers, students, and postdoctoral scholars, recently attended multiple conferences and won some incredible awards. Our very own Dr. Muhammad Khan, attended the 38th Annual International Conference on the Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society. While attending, he was awarded the prestigious EMBS-NSF award for Young Professionals! Congratulations to Muhammad!

Congratulations to out post-doc, Dr. Muhammad Shuja Khan on being awarded the EMBS-NSF Award for Young Professionals.

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Soon after, Dr. Guru Vulugundum, Aaron Schwartz-Duval, Youkabed Ostadhossein, and Indrajit Srivastava attended the American Vacuum Society Prarie Chapter in Chicago, where Youkabed won the 2nd place Prarie Chapter award on her outstanding research! Youkabed has also been selected for the Illinois Female Engineers in Academia Training and as a graduate mentor in the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program. Congratulations Youkabed!

2nd place and gas money

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As most bioengineers know, the Biomedical Engineering Society conference happened recently in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Professor Dipanjan Pan, Dr. Santosh Misra, and Aaron Schwartz-Duval had the pleasure of attending and representing our team with their innovative research.

BMES has got some swanky diggs

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Furthermore, our senior Postdoctoral Scholar Dr. Santosh Misra has been promoted and duly appointed as the MatMed Lab’s Research Scientist for his outstanding contributions to our lab’s research progress.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Professor Dipanjan Pan and Dr. Santaosh Misra were mentioned in a press release with News Medical Life Sciences regarding a unique investigation into the cancer switch. This news story can be found here, and the Scientific Reports research paper this press release was based on can be found here.


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MATMED LAB NEWS: August 2016

The MatMed Lab has been receiving plenty of recent attention! Our postdoctoral researcher Dr. Santosh Misra published a work in Nature’s Scientific Reports titled, Multi-functionality Redefined with Colloidal Carotene Carbon Nanoparticles for Synchronized Chemical Imaging, Enriched Cellular Uptake and Therapy. Shortly after, our graduate student Aaron Schwartz-Duval published a fantastic project in the Journal of Nano Research titled, An anisotropic propagation technique for synthesizing hyperbranched polyvillic gold nanoparticles.

Additionally, our graduate student Enrique Daza returned from the ASCB-KGI Biotech in Industry summer immersion where he performed consulting projects on 3D printed implantable devices to Keck Investment Ventures. Enrique’s team won first place out of 10 teams! His team picture is below! Soon after, Enrique, Dr. Santosh Misra, and Professor Dipanjan Pan received press attention with the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment (iSEE), for their project on sustainable petroleum spill remediation. You can read the entire iSEE newsletter here!: iQ 2016IMG_0562

On a fun note, the MatMed lab had a group dinner enjoying the summer weather and some fantastic food. We took our annual lab photo which you can see below!IMG_20160722_214911

Finally, we would like to send appreciations and warm goodbyes to Abhi Sharma for spending his summer doing research with us before heading back to High school. We took a final group photo which you can see below!IMG_20160805_144434


Thus far we have had a very productive and rewarding summer. Our graduate candidate, Aaron, has been actively involved on and off the Carle lab campus. Recently Aaron has received a spot on the Diversity Advocate Board for the Illinois bioengineering department within EGSAC. Additionally, Aaron will be mentoring students this summer within the SROP program, partnered with EBICS. Aaron and Professor Pan received a two-year American Heart Association (AHA) award. Excellent accomplishments Aaron!

Additionally, our Postdoctoral scholars Gururaja and Santosh have both published recent projects. Guru’s scientific discovery involves Sparteine induced chirally-active carbon nanoparticles for enantioselective separation of racemic mixtures, which he published in Chemical Communications. Santosh published in Scientific Reports involving Pro-haloacetate Nanoparticles for Efficient Cancer Therapy via Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase Modulation. This work received press attention for reinitializing cancer cell suicide mechanisms.

Furthermore, our lab received the Carle Illinois Collaborative Research Seed Award, for personalized absorbable gastrointestinal stents for intestinal fistulae and perforations. The principal investigators on this award are Professor Dipanjan Pan and Dr. Blair Rowitz. Additional collaborators include Dr. Santosh Misra, Dr. Muhammad Khan, and Fatemeh Ostadhossein M.S.

Finally, our Professor, Dipanjan Pan, is the Editor for the new book: Personalized Medicine with a Nanochemistry Twist, published in Topics in Medicinal Chemistry. Many members from the MatMed lab are contributors to this work including, Fatemeh Ostadhossein, Aaron Schwartz-Duval, and Enrique Daza.


Also, our lab made it to the front page of the CNST nano@Illinois website! Check out our picture!



MatMed Lab News: May 2016

The Month of May has already had a wealth of great news from the Pan Lab! First off, Many members of our lab attended the CNST conference and presented great projects. Out of eight possible awards, our lab received two! Congratulations to Aaron Schwartz-Duval for winning the third place prize, and congratulations to Gururaj Vulugundam for receiving an Honorable Mention. Keep up the great press! Pictures below.

Additionally, Congratulations to our graduate student, Enrique Daza, for being accepted to the ASCB-KGI “Managing Science in the Biotech Industry” course this summer in Claremont California! He’ll be in an intensive Two-week course, mid-summer, learning about applying scientific skills to industrial applications!

IMG_20160505_102839 IMG_20160505_102958

More Recent Awards! April 2016

The Pan Clan has been on a roll in regards to picking up awards left and right. Our very own grad student, Aaron Schwartz-Duval (who is home safe from the FADEx conference in Paris, read more here), was awarded the Avery Brundage Scholarship for his involvement in Underwater Hockey!

Furthermore, our undergraduate student Jasleena Singh was awarded a summer undergraduate research fellowship through the Short Term Education Program (STEP) with the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology! She will be working in Dr. Linda Samuelson’s lab which focuses primarily on the role stem/progenitor cells play in gastrointestinal tissue homeostasis. At the end of the summer she will present her findings at a mini-symposium.

Finally, our Professor Dipanjan Pan, has been invited to be an editor for Scientific Reports! Great things lie ahead for our lab. Stay Tuned!

Recent Awards!

This past week, Santosh Misra (top left), Fatemeh Ostadhossein (top right), and Aaron Schwartz-Duval (bottom left) presented their research at the Society of Postdoctoral Scholars Annual research symposium. Two poster research prizes were awarded based on popularity and we are proud to announce that our postdoc Santosh Misra received the first place award, and our graduate student Fatemeh Ostadhossein received the second place award! They have done a fantastic job at representing our lab. If you see them around, please congratulate them on their achievements!

IMG_20160205_131916 IMG_20160205_134406 IMG_20160205_131701