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MATMED LAB NEWS: August 2016

The MatMed Lab has been receiving plenty of recent attention! Our postdoctoral researcher Dr. Santosh Misra published a work in Nature’s Scientific Reports titled, Multi-functionality Redefined with Colloidal Carotene Carbon Nanoparticles for Synchronized Chemical Imaging, Enriched Cellular Uptake and Therapy. Shortly after, our graduate student Aaron Schwartz-Duval published a fantastic project in the Journal of Nano Research titled, An anisotropic propagation technique for synthesizing hyperbranched polyvillic gold nanoparticles.

Additionally, our graduate student Enrique Daza returned from the ASCB-KGI Biotech in Industry summer immersion where he performed consulting projects on 3D printed implantable devices to Keck Investment Ventures. Enrique’s team won first place out of 10 teams! His team picture is below! Soon after, Enrique, Dr. Santosh Misra, and Professor Dipanjan Pan received press attention with the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment (iSEE), for their project on sustainable petroleum spill remediation. You can read the entire iSEE newsletter here!: iQ 2016IMG_0562

On a fun note, the MatMed lab had a group dinner enjoying the summer weather and some fantastic food. We took our annual lab photo which you can see below!IMG_20160722_214911

Finally, we would like to send appreciations and warm goodbyes to Abhi Sharma for spending his summer doing research with us before heading back to High school. We took a final group photo which you can see below!IMG_20160805_144434

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